Good-for-your-Gut Sweet & Sour Recipe

A particular favourite in our repertoire. Dive into our special twist on this classic flavor blend, skillfully mixing everyday pantry basics with the unique personality of our Eaten Alive Raw Kimchi sauce.

And it gets even better – this isn't just about mouthwatering taste. Our creation is also a friend to your gut. The clever combination of sweetness, tang, and a touch of heat doesn't just excite your taste buds – it also gives your digestion a friendly boost.



  1. Simply combine all of the ingredients together in the ratio above. This ratio will make a sauce that’s perfect for our taste. It’s a great place to start and can easily be tweaked to your liking for more sweetness, sour or spice 🔥

Serving suggestions:

Serve with your choice of stir fried vegetables and protein. In the above photo we’ve used green peppers, carrots, baby turnips, tofu & served with noodles.

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