Kimchi, sauerkraut & hot sauce

Fermented foods that are good for the body, made to recipes that put great produce and flavour first. Inspired by tradition, made in London.

“Fermentation is one of the oldest and simplest means of preserving foods. It requires no particular kind of climate, no cooking and so no expenditure of fuel: just a container, which may be a mere hole in the ground, and perhaps some salt or seawater.”

- Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking -


Glyn and Pat first met back in 2011 working in a particularly quirky London kitchen. They quickly bonded over their shared passions: cuisine, travel, science and healthy debate on any and all subjects. Each of their careers already spanned over 10 years working at every level of the food world, taking in top Michelin-starred kitchens and product development, all the way to selling Japanese themed hotdogs to bearded, vintage-garbed East Londoners. They stayed in touch over the years, swapping notes on culinary experiments and experiences, in time they began to hatch a plan.

Both Glyn and Pats’ most revered foods were the products of fermentation – sourdough, cheese, charcuterie, aged vinegar and pickles, not to mention wine and chocolate. They began work on a restaurant that focused on making these diverse and nuanced foods in-house. As the concept gathered momentum they were experimenting with more and more ferments and, of course, eating them!

Chasing these new and exciting flavours, they started to notice some unexpected results. Eating fermented food every day, especially kimchi and sauerkraut, was causing a noticeable rise in energy levels and focus, even reducing drowsiness after a good lunch. They concentrated more and more on perfecting thier vegetable ferment recipes whilst seeing people’s interest in these foods growing all the time, the plan became clear: To drive fermented foods past the realm of hardcore foodies and onto the plates of everyone who wants food that both tastes and feels good.