Jalapeño and Lime Kohlrabi Slaw Recipe

Being absolute cabbage-heads here at Eaten Alive, it’s safe to say we LOVE our Brassicas. Not only are they incredibly good for us but also incredibly plentiful at this time of year. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts even turnips, we love them all. But if there’s one Brassica we feel is often overlooked and unrepresented its the wonderful kohlrabi. Sweeter in flavour than it’s Brassica family members and crisp and juicy almost like an apple, it makes for a perfect addition to any slaw. Partnered here with crisp and juicy apples, carrot and mingled with our favourite citrus aromatics, this slaw is magnificent as it is or alternatively preserved in a pickling brine for further enjoyment.



  1. Peel and process the kohlrabi, carrots and apples. We used a 4mm grating disc on our food processor to whizz through the work but you can hand grate or even finely julienne if you’d prefer.

  2. Prepare your citrus aromatics and add the Jalapeño and lime sauce to taste. The quantities here are just a guide so add slowly and taste regularly to find your sweet spot.

  3. Assemble the salad by mingling the aromatic dressing with the processed fruit/veg and topping with your finely chopped herbs.


N.B. A top tip to stop your apple from browning is to add the processed apple to your pre-squeezed lemon juice immediately after processing. This will prevent any oxidisation that occurs when the cut apple meet the oxygen in the air.

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