Jerk Butternut Squash

Who likes to Jerk? Ever jerked a squash? It really should be a thing on everyone's autumnal culinary repertoire. We're such big fans of jerking and with our Fermented Jerk Paste you will soon discover why.




  1. Half each squash leaving the skin on and spooning out the seeds.

  2. Score each half deeply into inch squares.

  3. Rub the jerk paste all over the cut surface and deep into the scores.

  4. Cover and leave over night.

  5. When ready to bake, splash with a little olive oil and roast at 180c for about an hour, or until well cooked and beginning to caramelise.

  6. When cooked to your required doneness serve one half per person or alternatively slice and serve.


    N.B. We like to make a feature of the hole that contained the squash seeds and fill it with something after baking. A great serving suggestion is to use our Smoky Pink Kraut.

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