Fermented Flavour Fusions: 7 Unexpected Ways to Use Kimchi, Kraut, Pickles

Fermentation is a culinary art form that transforms the simple into the sublime. In this exploration of taste and texture, we delve into the world of fermented foods to discover seven unexpected ways to elevate your cooking with kimchi, kraut, and pickles. Renowned for their bold flavours and health benefits, these fermented delights are set to become your secret weapon in the kitchen.

1. Fermented Sourdough Starters

Innovation: Infusing your sourdough starter with kimchi brine or sauerkraut juice. Why It Works: The lactic acid bacteria present in these fermented liquids impart a unique depth of flavour to your sourdough, adding subtle tangy notes that enhance the bread's complexity.

2. Kimchi Compound Butter

Innovation: Blending softened butter with finely chopped kimchi. Taste Test: This umami-rich butter melts splendidly over grilled meats or vegetables, imparting a spicy and savoury punch that transforms even the simplest dish into a meal brimming with flavour.

3. Kraut-Finished Soups

Innovation: Stirring sauerkraut into soups just before serving. Taste Test: Introducing sauerkraut provides a zesty acidity and textural contrast to creamy soups or stews, infusing each spoonful with a delectable tanginess that complements the dish's primary flavours.

4. Pickle-Infused Hummus

Innovation: Adding dill pickle brine to your homemade hummus recipe. Taste Test: The brine not only enhances the hummus with a lively tang but also introduces an additional layer of flavour that harmonises with the creamy chickpeas perfectly.

5. Fermented Fruit Chutneys

Innovation: Crafting chutneys with slightly fermented fruits or including fermented liquids in the mix. Taste Test: These chutneys provide a sweet, tangy, and complex flavour profile that pairs exceptionally well with cheeses, curries, or as a spread on sandwiches, elevating the dish with a burst of fermented goodness.

6. Kraut-Topped Deviled Eggs

Innovation: Garnishing deviled eggs with a small spoonful of finely chopped sauerkraut. Taste Test: The crunchy, tangy kraut slices through the richness of the deviled eggs, providing a delightful textural contrast and a zesty flavour enhancement that makes this classic appetiser even more irresistible.

7. Kimchi Brine Bloody Mary

Innovation: Utilising kimchi brine as the base for a Bloody Mary cocktail. Taste Test: The spicy kick of kimchi brine adds a new dimension to the traditional Bloody Mary, offering an unforgettable twist that's sure to be a hit at your next brunch.


The world of fermented foods is rich and varied, presenting endless opportunities for culinary experimentation. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook eager to add some zest to your meals, the transformative power of fermented foods is guaranteed to impress.

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