There are thousands of hot sauces available to buy, but only a handful have been through the fermentation process, which produces addictive, satisfyingly savoury characteristics as well a rounded, rich heat. Ours is made by combining scotch bonnet red chillies, a little onion and garlic with salt, submerging in a brine and fermenting at room temperature for several weeks. We then blend with raw, unfiltered cider vinegar and cane sugar to produce a hot sauce brimming with the fruity characteristics of scotch bonnets, intense but full of nuance and flavour.



Scotch bonnet and sweet peppers slowly fermented for an intense fruity flavour. Eat It with everything! Ingredients: Fermented capsicums, raw cider vinegar, fermented Scotch bonnet chillies (15%), cane sugar, salt, onion, garlic.

Smoked Sriracha

We smoke all the veg before fermenting and blending into a tangy, mild sriracha sauce. Think you like sriracha? This is a whole new level! Ingredients: Smoked red pepper, smoked chilli, smoked onion, raw cider vinegar, garlic, dry chilli, chilli miso (rice koji, soybeans, chilli paste, chilli powder, salt), sugar, salt. (Allergens: Soy)

It's Alive! Fermented Hot Sauce

150ml bottles of our hot sauce, delivered to any UK Mainland address. 

DELIVERY NOTEs: Order before midday on Wednesday to ensure delivery that same week. Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 6 months.

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Preserved Lemon

Yellow chillies, peppers & lemons, fermented then blended with unfiltered cider vinegar & fresh lemon juice. Fiery but with zesty magic of ripe lemon. Yellow pepper, yellow chilli, onion, raw cider vinegar, lemon, sugar, salt, garlic, ginger, fresh turmeric

Chocolate BBQ

An explosive mix of habanero, cayenne and ancho chillies, smoked all day then blended with cacao & preserved lime. Great with grilled and slow-cooked dishes. Ingredients: Smoked chilli, smoked red pepper, smoked onion, raw cider vinegar, rice koji (rice, koji cultures), brown sugar, garlic, dry chilli, lime, salt, cacao, soy sauce. (Allergens: soy).