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There are thousands of hot sauces available to buy, but only a handful have been through the fermentation process, which produces addictive, satisfyingly savoury characteristics as well a rounded, rich heat. Ours is made by combining scotch bonnet red chillies, a little onion and garlic with salt, submerging in a brine and fermenting at room temperature for several weeks. We then blend with raw, unfiltered cider vinegar and cane sugar to produce a hot sauce brimming with the fruity characteristics of scotch bonnets, intense but full of nuance and flavour.


SCOTCH BONNET - Scotch bonnet and sweet peppers slowly fermented for an intense fruity flavour. Eat It with everything! Ingredients: Fermented capsicums, raw cider vinegar, fermented Scotch bonnet chillies (15%), cane sugar, salt, onion, garlic.

Smoked Sriracha - We smoke all the veg before fermenting and blending into a tangy, mild sriracha sauce. Think you like sriracha? This is a whole new level! Ingredients: Smoked red pepper, smoked chilli, smoked onion, raw cider vinegar, garlic, dry chilli, chilli miso (rice koji, soybeans, chilli paste, chilli powder, salt), sugar, salt. (Allergens: Soy)

It's Alive! Fermented Hot Sauce

150ml bottles of our hot sauce, delivered to any UK Mainland address. 

DELIVERY NOTEs: Order before midday on Wednesday to ensure delivery that same week. Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 6 months.

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Preserved Lemon - Yellow chillies, peppers & lemons, fermented then blended with unfiltered cider vinegar & fresh lemon juice. Fiery but with zesty magic of ripe lemon. Yellow pepper, yellow chilli, onion, raw cider vinegar, lemon, sugar, salt, garlic, ginger, fresh turmeric

Chocolate BBQ - An explosive mix of habanero, cayenne and ancho chillies, smoked all day then blended with cacao & preserved lime. Great with grilled and slow-cooked dishes. Ingredients: Smoked chilli, smoked red pepper, smoked onion, raw cider vinegar, rice koji (rice, koji cultures), brown sugar, garlic, dry chilli, lime, salt, cacao, soy sauce. (Allergens: soy).